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            ABOUT SHARBO

            Zhejiang Sharbo Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is air conditioner researcher & designer & manufactuer, offers various conditioning and ventilation equipments like wall-mounted aircons, mobile aircons, floor standing aircons, dehumidifier,and other products like auto washing machine. Sharbo is recognized by clients from Asia, Africa, South America and Europ for its complete and scientific quality management system and warm service.

            Six advantages of all DC variable frequency air conditioning

            All DC variable frequency air conditioner adopts high-efficiency DC variable frequency compressor, matching with advanced indoor DC fan motor and outdoor DC fan motor. With the inherent advantages of DC motor and combined with high-tech all DC control system, all DC technology is integrated into every detail, and high configuration technology can improve the overall performance of air conditioner.

            More energy-saving system

            30W minimum power*

            Low voltage operation is more stable

            150V ultra low point high efficiency energy*

            Quieter operation

            Noise as low as 20 dB*

            Better low frequency operation

            Frequency as low as 1 Hz*

            More accurate constant temperature

            Accurate temperature control up to ± 0.1 ° C*

            Higher heating capacity at low temperature

            -Ultra low temperature heating at 15 ° C*
            +MoreNew models recommendation

            CONTACT US

            Add:East Section, Guanhaiwei Industrial Zone, Cixi, Ningbo, China 315314
            Tel:+86-574-55835258 Fax:+86-574-58965562
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